Thursday, April 11, 2019

The Final Solution: The Goosing of America

Woman Goosing Husband Valentine's Day Card (Avanti Press/Amazon)
You tend to admire selfless people, particularly since if they're not involved with their own advancement, they certainly have time for you. However, do such creatures really exist? Literally any person who has a reputation gets it through the exercise of ego. Now one could say that the Buddha in being the embodiment of compassion, is an example of the energy of the self turned towards others. But what are the inner lives of “latter day” saints really like? Controversies surround figures who have devoted their lives to the betterment of mankind like Mother Theresa and Gandhi. Gandhi for instance tested the temptation of the flesh by sleeping next to young girls, but if he didn’t have desires there would have been no need to test them, would there? Finding what’s wrong with seemingly saintly individuals is an occupation in and of itself and part and parcel of a project whose ultimate end is the demonstration of the corruptibility of the human spirit. It’s surprising there hasn’t been a series of noir novels about defrocking priests. Could the Buddha, the embodiment of selfish compassion, have been a sexual predator? There are practical applications for this kind of cynicism in everyday life. The higher the ground on which an individual purports to walk, the longer the fall. Donald Trump’s famous remark about being able to "shoot somebody and not "lose voters” actually brought little in the way of pushback. Yet the accusation that Joe Biden was insensitive in his touching of women may end up derailing his campaign chances. Trump, in fact, is free to goose the whole nation since he doesn’t purport to do anything less."When you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything, " he famously told Billy Bush on the Access Hollywood tape.

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