Thursday, April 4, 2019

Pornosophy: Capitalism and Adultery

Is serial adultery simply a form of capitalism? Reification is the process by which objects are turned into things or commodities and who is to say that concepts like economy of scale and division of labor can’t be applied to the erotic life? Entrepreneurs choose their metier or calling because they don’t like being wage laborers. They may also like what they do, but they generally are in the business of accumulating wealth, with the lode of assets they earn from business creating a principal that itself spawns out a return through simple interest or investment. More is rarely if ever, enough. The serial adulterer similarly does not enjoy being in thrall to one person who doles out pleasure the way salaried employees earn their weekly check. He or she derives a feeling of power from the equivalent of a steadily increasing stream of income, which in sexual terms involves maintaining a stable of lovers. Cheating is a pregnant word in that it can refer to infidelity or stealing. Many of the high rollers have been caught up in recent #MeToo scandals are people who don’t play by the rules and while it’s unlikely there will be too many studies about the relationship between philandering and tax evasion, one wouldn’t be surprised to find that those who avoid the arm of the law in one area, would also push the envelope when it comes to connubial matters. Now there are people who simply have many affairs and others who have appetites that are so insatiable that they’re the equivalent of conglomerates. 

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