Monday, October 8, 2018

Vermont Journal: The News of Dorset

map of Pawlet, VT (watercolor by Hallie Cohen)
They’re talking about Cleveland in Dorset. That’s Edgar Cleveland  who's running to represent the nearby towns of Pawlet, Tinmouth, Middletown Springs, Rupert and Wells and whose electoral signs grace the front yards of many houses. Politics and foliage are two characteristics of Bernie Sanders’ state and one hand-painted sign on Route 30 simply urges someone, anyone  to “Get the criminals out of Montpelier. Begin With Robin.” Could the sign be referencing Representative Robin Chestnut-Tangerman, a Progressive Democrat who emanates from nearby Middletown Springs? Dorset boasts the oldest continually run golf course in the United States, the Dorset Field Club, only a few doors down from the gracious old Dorset Inn. Horace Greeley, did an internship at the Northern Spectator newspaper from 1828-30 and his residence in nearby East Poultney down the road from Lake Saint Catherine is commemorated by a plaque which stands in front of the United Baptist Church. The Dorset area is no different than other parts of Vermont where a man still takes his gal out in his Harley Trike for the modern equivalent of a buggy ride, and there don’t seem to be enough refulgent leaves for all the tourists who revel in their wonder. The crowded bars and parking lots are an anomaly in Dorset (population: 2,031) which is six miles down the road from the normally bustling Manchester (population 4,391) whose outlet stores are the primary source of attraction.

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