Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The Satisphere

Elon Musk should come up with some sort of a ship that will transport earthlings to the satisphere. Everyone is always looking to attain ever greater heights and feats of prowess, with little sense, in a culture that prizes becoming over being, of enjoyment in the goals that have already been attained. Space programs are often about launching satellites for purposes of either communication or spying, but you rarely hear about any sort of aircraft constructed to take travelers to spiritual locations. Oddly enough the Stealth aircraft which is designed to elude radar presents an interesting anomaly to the extent that it can enter and depart from regions while remaining totally undetected—a little like the Invisible Man. In addition to Musk's SpaceX there's Virgin Galactic, but none of these outfits have attempted to venture into the regions of so-called inner space. Satispheric conditions may vary greatly and there’s no telling the data these kinds of missions are likely to reveal concerning the world of affect, a universe whose mysteries and startling beauty are usually limited to the purview of patients on the psychoanalytic couch. 

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