Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Pornosophy: The Second Coming

"The Last Judgment" By Michelangelo
Have you ever been accused of being too selfless in your sexuality? Have you ever received complaints from partners who feel they’re the recipients of more pleasure than they can handle? Overstimulation can be equally as serious as lack of interest and there are people who simply do not possess the wherewithal or have not had the kind of upbringing where they were taught to tolerate or even expect great amounts of attention to their being and more specifically to their private parts. If you’re in a relationship with someone who’s used to the slam bam thank you sir or madam kind of sex, they may even prefer nostaglie de la boue for déjà vu si vous parlez francaiswhich as everyone knows is the language of love. Yes there are those who do not like a French, French kiss, or to revert to the Latin which is source of all so-called Romance languages, fellatio or cunnilingus. They’d rather turn the other butt cheek and follow the precept that it’s better to give than receive. “The last shall be first” and “the second coming” are their mantras. Chacun a son gout! Butt is not usually employed as a conjunction since it’s a noun, but you get the point.

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