Thursday, October 4, 2018

Pornosophy: The Fate of the Heterogametic Sex

The pornoverse is wobbling, very much like the earth itself. You had the l000 years of Imperial Rome and now like the Ice Age which saw the extinction of Dinosaurs, you have the decline of man. "The Fall of Men" headlined the recent ill-fated issue of The New York Review of Books, which featured an apologia/complaint by banished Canadian journalist Jian Ghomeshi that resulted in the then editor, Ian Buruma's, departure ("New York Review of Book Admits 'Failures' in a #MeToo Essay," NYT, 9/24/18). Not man in the Adamic sense in which an act of temptation led to the fall from Grace, but man as opposed to women, the creature with the XY as opposed to the homogametic XX chromosomes. Imagine if men strutting with their testes and penises were to vanish from the earth and the race of homo sapiens was composed of simply females. In terms of 501c3’s you would still undoubtedly have charities which used the #MeToo hashtag since sexual abuse though it may have been weighted in the male direction (which is one of the reasons why males will become extinct) is still a multivalent phenomenon. In fact, a la the Stockholm Syndrome there’s reason to believe that women, once in power, might very well imitate the worst traits of men, the exercise of power itself being a value free activity. Once men vanish from the face of the earth will drunken women go to Pornhub to view gang rapes of women dressed up as men, during Superbowl half times in which both squads are populated totally by female players?

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