Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Fifth Law of Thermodynamics: Things Pile Up

There should be a law of nature dealing with the fact that things seem to pile up. It might even be the Fifth Law of Thermodynamics. When bad things happen they come in herds and the good news in flocks. It’s actually a singularity when one bad or good thing happens. To some extent this is understandable. Say you’ve been turned down for an important job. You're more likely to be in a bad mood and experience road rage which can lead to an accident or uncomfortable confrontation that leaves you feeling even worse than if you'd gotten the job. Or you might go  home and fight with your wife or partner and end up leaving scars or even in a huff saying things you didn’t mean that cause the relation to break up. Conversely, let’s say you got the job, you're more likely to succeed with that person with whom you wanted to get into a relationship AND you might get that rent stabilized apartment you’ve coveted thrown in with the bargain. The positive attitude that emerges on the heels of your success leads to further success. It’s kind of the way money works. The rich get richer since they always have money to invest, while the poor get poorer simply because they have to use up every cent they have to survive. As the old adage goes, one door closes, another closes.

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