Wednesday, April 18, 2018


Randy is not going to be a popular name for newborn males in the next decades and it’s unlikely there will be another Pope Innocent, with all the abuse scandals that have afflicted the Catholic Church. If you remember Innocent X was the subject of the famous Velasquez painting upon which Francis Bacon based his Screaming Popes. It’s interesting that the nurse in the Odessa Steps sequence of Eisenstein’s Potemkin and Billie Whitelaw's solitary mouth in Beckett’s Not I both partake of a similar emotion of fearful fury. Could an adjective used for a priapic individual become a self-fulfilling prophecy in an age that frowns upon the Dionysiac? “That’s not funny” is the current expression of self-satisfied indignation that brings us all together. The ultimate ass man Don Juan is not likely to be nicknamed Don followed by the awful and murderously offensive C word for which users should be tarred and feathered. How could it? But what about Dicks? They seem to be everywhere and no one is worse for the wear. On the other side of the fence you don’t seem be hearing about too many Springs or Aprils or even Junes and what is the meaning? Is that raising the bar too high in the age where a woman with the name of Stormy has brought down the house.

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