Thursday, April 5, 2018

Eleanor Rigby

What goes around comes around and it all comes out in the wash are two expressions that are frequently used in describing the inescapability of things. Is it the Calvinist concept of predestination that's being referred to, a biologic or Freudian determinism or merely the anecdotal truth that no stone goes unturned. Of course, despite the show-all tell-all nature of our current culture centuries have gone by in which enormous secrets were kept. That’s what makes bestsellers of out of books like The Da Vinci Code. Of course the latest incidence of airing dirty laundry is the Russian Investigation. Will the truth ever come out or will Robert Mueller be fired by the president? The true facts of the Kennedy assassination may never have been revealed and there are letters and unpublished manuscripts by J.D. Salinger that may never see the light of day. "The Lost Children of Tuam," Dan Barry’s story of unwed Irish mothers and their children (NYT, l0/28/17) and the abuses they suffered was successfully kept under the wraps for decades. And then there are the cases that no one ever hears about. The  stories which fit into no demonstrable category beyond the fact that they produced hardship or pain are the ones that will likely never get told. These are perhaps the saddest to the extent that they will eventually be buried under the rubble of history. "All the lonely people/Where do they all come from?" sang The Beatles.

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