Thursday, November 2, 2017

Pornosophy: Help Wanted!

Are you a late middle-aged male or female who has never been harassed or raped by an agent, editor, producer or director and yet still has the desire to cry out "me too?" Has it been your fate to find yourself someone who hasn't been raped or otherwise abused, but simply ignored? Are you someone whose fate has been to be simply dismissed, with your e mails, texts and phone messages regularly disregarded? Have you even had the experience of being shouted at by a militant proto-feminist or male chauvinist in some sort of artistic setting way back when, finding yourself totally at a loss for words and then thinking of all the things you should have said in reply for decades? Do you feel, on a more global level, you have been shunned by the world? Then you may be interested in participating in a new experiment modeled on the famed Stanley Milgram study done at Yale back in the 60’s. You will be asked to call a list of prominent publishing, entertainment executives and galleristas, on whom the fate of your career hinges. You will be asked to go about your business as usual, submitting manuscripts, film project proposals and artworks. You will have nothing to offer since none of them will be interested in your body of work or your body (no one wants an aging, usually overweight hominoid), but you will persist in trying to offer it. Day after day you will reach out, behaving in an alternatingly unctuous Uriah Heap or demanding “don’t take no for an answer” kind of way. Nothing, of course, will work. At the end of two months, the experiment will end and the researchers will proceed to tabulate the results.

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