Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Contesting MyHeritage DNA

Diagram of DNA: Zephyris
MyHeritage DNA has been running a commercial on CNN. The commercial opens with a voice over from a white haired older woman who's looking wistfully through the second story window of what looks to be a condo, in what could easily be an assisted living community. She’s been told that she may have a sister who she’s never met. The two embrace at the front door and without an exchange of documents soon find themselves singing a ditty to each other and embracing over a piano. The commercial ends as most do with closure. There are very few Preparation H commercials ending  by showing someone who continues to have hemorrhoids. Similarly you don’t see the scene of the Cialis user with his wife looking at him in disgust as he continues to fail to perform in spite of the drug. So naturally what's missing in the MyHeritage DNA commercial is the scene where the relative rings at the front door and walks in to talk about finances.When you think about it, do you really want to find out you have a long lost brother or sister who after the initial hugs and kisses wants to know what happened to his or her inheritance? Relatives often tend to be more trouble than they’re worth and you may regret signing up for MyHeritage DNA when you find out that someone is going to hit you up for money. Indeed, you may end up wanting to have the findings of MyHeritage shoved in a drawer, when your newfound relatives start contesting varying wills.

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