Wednesday, August 9, 2017

How Many Poles Does It Take to Kidnap a British Model?

Chloe Ayling
The question is how many Poles does it take to kidnap a British model? The Times reported that a British model who had come to Milan for a photo shoot was abducted ("Kidnappers Plotted to Sell British Model Online, Italian Police Say,"NYT, 8/5/17). Other news sources have identified the model as Chloe Ayling. Ayling had achieved some degree of notoreity back in 2016 by appearing in "strip football" videos produced by You Tube personality JMX. The Times also reported the police as saying, “The kidnappers locked the woman in the trunk of a car, and took her to a remote location…Once inside a home, the model was handcuffed to a wooden chest of drawers.” The story gets even grimmer when the model’s captors demand a ransom of $300,000 to prevent her from being “auction(ed) on line.” No mention was made of who would absorb the costs if the ransom demand weren't met and the proceeds of the auction had to be shipped. The Times piece went on to say that the woman was escorted to the British consulate after six days and that a day after that a Pole by the name of Lukasz Pawel Herba had been arrested. There were speculations that Herba was the person who originally brought her to the consulate and it was also reported that Herba “had previously organized similar online auctions in which he advertised abducted young women as ‘prey.’” But while Herba has been arrested the police have indicated “a second man had also been involved in the kidnapping.” If the purported accomplice turns out to be Polish, the answer is, it takes two Poles to kidnap a model.

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