Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Wendy's Baconator
You have to be impressed by Wendy's BACONATOR, two slabs of hamburger sandwiching  succulent strips of bacon and dripping with cheese. You no longer have to wonder, WHERE’S THE BEEF? But if you don’t have the balls or stomach, that is, move down the menu to SON OF BACONATOR (no jest). Where the BACONATOR costs you $7.19 with the price you're paying in calories coming to 950 (the combo is $9.29 with a calorie count of between 980 and 1570, depending how many fries you scarf down), SON OF is only 5.39 for 630 calories (with the combo coming in at a cool $7.69 for between 670-1250 calores). OR let’s say you're a baked potato head, try one with bacon and cheese for $3.19 at only 410 calories. It’s kind of hard to get around these kind of prices and on a recent summer’s afternoon with a fake fire place roaring, the climate controlled Wendy’s was the place to let it all hang out. You don’t use a fork to eat French fries and more than one patron let his fries casually droop off his lips in the way the French actor Jean Gabin always had a Gauloise hanging out of the side of his mouth. SON OF BACONATOR does sound a little like SON OF SAM and there's no doubt that Daddy and THE TERMINATOR have something in common but even though the whole BACONATOR family are pumped up on NITRATES, they won’t kill you.

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