Tuesday, July 18, 2017

"Bromancing" the Stone

Ever since "bromance" became popular, particularly in describing our current president’s fleeting intimacies, that have the feel of one night stands, with both advisors and leaders of state, there’s been a boom in the market for hybrid words. Let’s come up with a few new possibilities. How about "relationshop," a relationship to someone with whom you go shopping, say at a mall? Another might be "nagravate," a mixture between nag and aggravate. The average person who's aggravating is also a nag and the word brings together both intentions in one rebarbative neologism. The technology revolution has created a multi-tasking culture and language reflects this. There’s no longer time to have two nouns or especially verbs. People who try to nag and aggravate are left in the dust just as like those who want to have relationships and go shopping. Slight adjustments in syntax enable people to vomit all their desires out at once and when you think about it, there’s actually something good in all this hurry. Many activities don’t really deserve the care and attention they're allotted. For instance you probably don’t have time to exercise and text, you "exertext" and "sexting" has become such a ubiquitous activity that you’d probably be hard put to find many couples who just have plain old sex without their phones in hand. "Interface" is old style, a mix of “between” and “turn towards” or engage. It’s the ur word molecule made up of two prime elements and it comprises everything that's good and bad about our multivalent civilization.

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