Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Sleepy's: The Mattress Professionals

If you ever start to feel your eyelids grow heavy while you're driving, stop at a Sleepy’s and try out one of the beds. Most stores and especially libraries don’t like it when customers use their public areas to rest. You can’t walk into the central reading room of the 42nd Street Library and simply nod out, if you’re looking for a place to nap. However, imagine what would happen if everyone started to lie down in Sleepy’s and the store was literally filled with snorers? What a great advertisement for their beds and what a boost to the average store, filled as it is with tired looking sales people. (What other state would you get into if you had to look at mattresses all day?) And you’re not even going to run into problems with a spouse who doesn’t take kindly to your sleep apnea. You’re not going to have to have one of those cumbersome devices attached to your face. There are so many possibilities here. Imagine having a wet dream at Sleepy’s! Imagine meeting the girl or guy of your dreams, when you wake up next to the stranger on the other side of the king-sized mattress you happen to be trying out. Hermann Broch’s The Sleepwalkers is one of the classic novels of 20th Century Mitteleuropaishe literature. Consider all the great novels that could be written by those who pulled off the highway to take a rest at Sleepy’s. There’s a Sleepy’s right in the little town of Wainscott, on Route 27 in The Hamptons, which could turn out to be the spot where the next Great Gatsby is conceived.

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