Thursday, February 11, 2016

How to Make Your Smartphone Dumber

Apple Iphone 6
Confronted with ever more complex gadgetry and virtual reality accessories that are harder and harder to operate? You may want to make your smartphone dumber. Perhaps you’re one of those people who looks back fondly on the days when you went to the dentist if you were looking for Bluetooth. Maybe you don’t feel like going to the app store every time you want to rent a movie. Maybe you just want to use the calling capacity of your phone to find out movie times at the cineplex or browse a blockbuster. Smartphones are getting too smart for their own good. If Siri is going to editorialize about everything then D.I.Y. may start to be more attractive. There are lots of other ways to make a smartphone dumber. One of course it to simply toss it under the wheel of an oncoming truck. However, let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater. For those people who are nostalgic for the old days of the simple cell phone, which is to wireless service what the old rotary phone was to touchtone, there are numerous ways to turn your new Iphone 6 into a neanderthal. However a good place to start is to get your head out of the cloud. Once you no longer have access to a bank of information, you’re on your way to returning your phone to what it was in those heady days when Alexander Graham Bell uttered his famous lines “Mr. Watson--Come here--I want to see you." 

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