Thursday, July 2, 2015

Pornosophy: Tweedledum and Tweedledee

The good thing about the politicization of sex is the Supreme Court decision about gay marriage. The bad thing is the politicization of sex, the ideologizing of the intimate moment and just about everything else in our lives. Aided and abetted by social networking and crowd sourcing, people are increasingly finding strength in numbers. Make your tweet viral and your dreams will come true or at the very least you’ll have a lot of company. Advertising your screwing on Facebook is tantamount to putting a nail in the coffin of solitude. But there are burdens that come with playing your private life to a bigger audience. If sex is a political act, you have to have a lot of it to continue to assert your rights. While the average couple or menage of any persuasion live lives of quiet desperation, sexually politicized couples have to carry the torch. If carrying on a relationship weren’t difficult enough, they’re burdened by a cause. Yes, there was Stonewall and there was a struggle and those growing up in more oppressive eras had to live with closeting and shame. The exuberance of this year’s Gay Pride parade was fueled by a landmark judicial decision which helps to change how an oppressed minority view themselves. Finally there's nothing to hide and all the legal rights and tax benefits of being married are available to everyone. You can be proud, but it’s like VE Day back in l945. Then too the streets were filled with revelers, yet when all is said in done gay, straight or transgender, you have to go back to the bickering and boredom of everyday life. Once the freedom has been achieved, then the real struggle begins, that of living with the petty annoyances, anal struggles and irritations that characterize most relationships after the flame of initial passion is spent.

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