Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Hair! Again

In the famous musical of the same name, hair was looked at as sign of rebellion. Hair was both a symbol and sign of freedom. It’s always astonishing how times change and how the sensibility of a culture is reflected to by a host of new manners and mores. Now hair is looked at far less benignly than it was the 60’s, especially in relation to femininity, with natural women, who populated Woodstock and the cast of films like John Sayles' Return of the Secaucus 7, and sported hair on their legs, underarms and pudendae looked at as an anomalies--and Brazilian waxing all the rage. Really it’s the difference between women and children. In the 60’s pornography was rife with flamboyant displays of pubic hair and with the advent of full frontal nudity in Playboy and Penthouse, centerfolds really had something to show. Now their counterparts, the starlets of internet porn, literally have nothing to reveal, below the belt at least. Today’s pornography is basically a not so veiled form of pedophilia, as is the sexuality being marketed by the fashion industry. But a revolution is in the making (“Is Dyeing Armpit Hair a Harbinger of the Future?" The Screaming Pope, 7/20/15). Like the l905 uprising in Russia it may be the harbinger of things to come. Women around the country are beginning to grow underarm hair and a recent Times piece, “Woman Who Dye Their (Armpit) Hair,” 7/14/15, reported the phenomenon of  “pit-ins.” In Aristophanes Lysistrata the women of Greece refuse to have sex until the men stop waging war. Men should support this sea change in the values of our sterile kiddie porn oriented culture, by refusing to have sex with Barbie Doll clones who shave their genitals.

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