Friday, July 3, 2015

CALLAHEAD on the Fourth of July

photograph by Hallie Cohen
It takes an innovative mind to make it in the outdoor toilet business. Portable toilets or porto potties are a dog eat dog business. These mobile outhouses reside at the lower registers of the food chain and aren't priorities for the average consumer—however necessary they may turn out to be. Wit and forthrightness are two qualities that are required if you want to make it in the latrine business. But if there was a prize for creativity in naming these toilets, which are as popular on beaches as they are on construction sites, it should go to CALLAHEAD, a company that offers to a complete line of attendant services which can include “a guaranteed cleaning service with our trained service technicians." People invest lots of time and energy in the their bathrooms which is understandable since in modern secular life they’ve taken the place of houses of worship and even libraries—to the extent that a good part of the population are estimated to read their newspapers and magazines while sitting on the loo. But the allure of the outdoor toilet resides in the packaging. Due to the odor you’re not going to read in an outhouse, no matter how many times a day the sewage is drained and due too to the olfactory sensations produced it’s an unlikely spot for meditation. Portosan which sounds like port o' call is the name of one competitor and you can also go to if you are looking for a porta potty. But CALLAHEAD is a catchy brand which brings up the image of a bank of operators waiting to attend to your every need. CALLAHEAD will undoubledly give other porto potties a run for the money this Fourth of July weekend. 

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