Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Cunnilingua Yoga

Bhagavan Vishnu
You hear of hatha, vinyasa and Iyengar along with many other styles of yoga. Now there is a new addition to the varieties of yoga experience that is being offered. Cunnilingua yoga is becoming increasingly popular due to the unique positions and postures it employs. Cunnilingua yoga can be performed either by a man and a woman or by two women, but there must always at least be at least one female involved. Your typical cunnilingua yoga session begins with the worshipping of a god and a ritual bath. After the worshipping and purification are complete, the couple lie down on the mat. The woman will sprinkle special perfumes on her lower private part which represent creation and fecundity and the male will turn himself in a position where his head rests in front of the woman's lower extremity, with his lower extremity resting in front of the woman's head. This position which is found in the Kama Sutra and other sacred texts is known in the west as 69. Cunnilingua yoga requires a state of total relaxation of both the tongue (which will massage the woman’s lower extremity) and the mouth which the woman will use to suction or suckle the male member. Once the woman has found a member, her mouth will remain open in a gesture of acceptance. At this point the humming or omming will begin and both partners will begin to experience a state of oblivion in which a moment of ecstasis results in the final dissolution of feelings of separation between consciousnesses. Ecstasy leads to release of the burdens both male and female are carrying. After this both partners rinse their mouths with Scope and prepare for another session of cunnilingua yoga by saluting the sun and facing their anuses towards the sky.

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