Monday, May 27, 2013

Eleemosynary Motors

Have you ever tried to get pro bono bodywork on your car? It’s a good question to bring up in the aftermath of a holiday weekend when there tend to be fender benders and worse. Have you ever gone to an automobile repair shop or dealership and thrown yourself on their mercy after you’ve had a fender bender? If you haven’t, it’s something you should try. This will in all likelihood be
the first time that the dealership or body shop will be providing an eleemosynary service. This is a potential selling point and something that can also be employed in purchasing a car. For instance try going into your local Ford or Toyota dealership and asking them to donate a car to you under the theory that they would be giving to a good cause. On the other end imagine starting a car dealership called simply Eleemosynary Motors which simply gives the latest model say Subaru away to those who want them. When you think about it, this is a truly revolutionary approach to car sales and servicing. The customer ends up being satisfied since he or she doesn’t have to pay. The dealer or body shop profits because it’s good for their reputation. Car dealers and repair shops are notorious for being mercenary and if people feel they will run into no chance of being take advantage of, they will flock to one with such a high minded purpose. The only problem with Eleemosynary Motors is that it's unlikely to turn a profit.

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