Monday, May 13, 2013

Invisible Man Strikes Twice

The Times reported the arrest of Lt. Col. Jeffrey Krusinki. Krusinski according the Times précis of a police report, “approached a woman in a parking lot in Crystal City, near the Pentagon, just after midnight and grabbed her breasts and buttocks, before she fended him off and called 911” (“Assault-Prevention Officer in Air Force is Arrested,” NYT, 5/6/13). The problem was that Krusinski was arrested for what he was charged with preventing, being according to the Times, “the officer in charge of sexual assault prevention programs for the Air Force.” Could the incident have been merely a dry run? Was Lt Col. Krusinki attacking the woman in the name of crime prevention, simulating a situation so as to be able to be better prevent a future one, in the way that combat troops are faced with simulated battlefield scenarios? Or perhaps the rash of sexual assaults  affecting the arm forces is a virus that started back in l991 at the time of the Tailhook incident in Las Vegas. If the groping is viral, the center for disease control should be alerted and work begun on a vaccine. The disease concept has been used to explain many addictive and compulsive activities so it's likely that if sexual compulsion explains Krusinski’s purported behavior, he could simply be fighting off an attack of say Priapic pneumonia. The third possibility that might explain such strange behavior from someone entrusted to uphold the law might be termed “The Invisible Man theory." Let’s suppose there's an Invisible Man who likes to grope woman and let’s suppose he was in the vicinity of the crime scene a little after midnight. Is it possible that the Invisible Man and not Lt. Col. Krusinski was responsible for the attack? Or Lieutenant Colonel Krusinski might simply have been drunk. In subsequent piece, “Officer Had Clean Record, Air Force Says,” NYT, 5/8/13), the Times quoted “an Arlington Country, Va.,"police blotter item”  to the effect that “A drunken male subject approached a female victim” and went on to report “several ‘like’s’” on Krusinki's Facebook page “including pages for two suburban Washington bars--the Tortoise &Hare Bar and Grill and the Crystal City Sports Pub--on the block where he was arrested.” In another incident the Times reported the abrupt departure of Yoon Chang-jung, the spokesman for South Korean President Park Geun-hye, after a groping incident (“South Korean President Fires Spokesman for ‘Unsavory Act’ During Visit to U.S.,” NYT, 5/10/13). The description in the police blotter, quoted by the Times, which doesn’t specifically identify the perpetrator, says that “the victim reported that the suspect 'grabbed her buttocks, without her permission.’” And it sounds strangely familiar to that in the report about Lt. Col. Krusinski--which lends credence to the theory that there is an invisible man on the loose in Washington who has simply struck twice. As with the allegation against Lt. Col. Krusinski, drinking seems to have been involved. The Times commented that “South Korean journalists accompanying Ms. Park on her trip reported...that the contact occurred while he (Mr. Yoon) was drinking.” Who knows? Perhaps one of Kim Jong-un’s North Korean agents, armed with stashes of outmoded drugs, dropped a quaalude in Mr. Yoon’s drink.

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