Monday, April 15, 2024

The Delta Alliance

Carolyn Drake for The New York Times
"Another sophomore confided that she enjoyed being choked by her boyfriend..." "Why We Need to Talk About Teen Sex" was the cover story of yesterday "Sunday Opinion" section of The Times. This on the day that Iran launched its armada of drones and missiles against Israel. Can we say that concerns about trends in teenaged sex, notwithstanding, The Times was plainly caught with its pants down. Never has a story in that section elicited such a prominent graphic. Wouldn't a blowup of a Shahed-149 have been more apropos? But perhaps there's a subliminal tie-in between asphyxiation and the Middle East? What unites the Israel/Iran conflict and the mores of affluent American college students is The Death Instinct--an enigmatic institution that causes great misery but sometimes mysteriously leads to life in the form of things like Marshall plans for rebuilding. What if for example, an Israeli counterattack brought about regime change in Iran? Imagine the radical shift on the world stage if one of Russia's major proxies now became a member of The Delta Alliance.

read Mark Segal in The East Hampton Star on Hallie Cohen's "Mi Ricordo"

and listen to "Born Under a Bad Sign" by Albert King.

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