Monday, April 8, 2024

Don't Be Eclipsed!


Would you rather be in the museum looking at a solitary Hopper figure standing under the penumbra of a street lamp, or watching the eclipse? Apparently Air B&B is getting record breaking fees for rooms on the best viewing points. Have Buffalo and Plattsburg suddenly become vacation destinations for you or would you be satisfied to watch Eclisse (1962), the third of the Antonioni trilogy that included L'avventura (1960) and La Notte (1961). Big Deal on Madonna Street (1958), don't you have better things to do? How much money are you going to make watching the eclipse? Will it be enough to pay for the eye surgery that's required unless you're lucky enough to snag a pair of viewing glasses--which shouldn't be confused with the 3-D ones handed out in theaters for Wim Wenders' Anselm. You don't want to be eclipsed by the way and watching one can, in a fraction of the population, cause an adverse reaction in which viewers compulsively play second fiddle.

read Mark Segal in The East Hampton Star on Hallie Cohen's "Mi Ricordo"

and listen to "Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Bonnie Tyler

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