Thursday, April 11, 2024

Dentisty Terminable and Interminable

From an actuarial point of view, dentistry is a profession that provides a steady return on investment. There's a constant stream of sufferers with everything from toothaches to root canals which have become infected requiring apicoectomies. Then there are more advanced forms of remediation, those tantamount to taking a case to an appeals court in legal terms. Freud famously wrote "Analysis Terminable and Interminable" (1937). For some patients dental bills will continue to arrive even after their demise. "Dental calculus" is calcified dental plaque, but it also refers to the calculations that incurred by the estates of patients whose cure has outlived them. When you first sat down in a dentist's office with those piles of old People magazines around the reproduction farmhouse vistas, you probably didn't realize that the cavity being filled was not just the one in your mouth.

read Mark Segal in The East Hampton Star on Hallie Cohen's "Mi Ricordo"

"Bird on a Wire" by the Neville Brothers

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