Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Who is Ted Kuenz?


Ted Kuenz

"Isn't that Ted Kuenz, the Renewal By Andersen Guy?" She whispered to her husband as the lights lowered for the 5:30 of American Fiction. "Shit!" "Shush," the person in back remonstrated. Kuenz was only an actor in the Replacement Window commercial, but whoever he was, you didn't get to see him in person every day. There had been talk of a live version of the popular ad, a one minute spot going on tour or being the cover for the "What's up America? It's your boy Ice-T" pitch for CarShield, a meme that had turned into an urban legend. The Kuenz avatar was really big. Remember Schenck v. US case ("crying fire in a crowded theater")? He stealthily rushed over to the aisle seat where Kuenz was eating his popcorn. He searched through his pockets frantically but all he had was his ticket stub which he quickly thrust in front of his target. Of course Kuenz was immersed in American Fiction. He undoubtedly hated being interrupted by fans when he was trying to concentrate on a movie.

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