Friday, February 16, 2024


You have to speak to people about the things they're interested in. One of the concerns shared by the family of man is themselves. People like to talk about themselves, a subject about which they never tire. The old joke, now that we've talked about me, actually is a liberal translation of cogito ergo sum. So the secret to communication is that it's fundamentally a one-way street. You have to speak another person's language. If you want to get close to a French friend who speaks Pig Latin utter "onjourbay" when you greet them. If an acquaintance is one of the many people who spend most of their time watching Pornhub then order a "creme pie" or a "tossed salad" (both code words for dirty sexual acts) next time you go to dinner. This theory is based on a base line assessment that all people are born narcissists. One might ask "if you're right, what about me?" You certainly don't want to drive against traffic.The answer turns out to be very simple. If you listen to anyone, you will have their full attention. They might not admit it, but that's how to connect. Remember Meyer Wolfsheim in The Great Gatsby and  "gonnection" or the Stones, "connection, I just can't make no connection." 

and listen to "Connection" by The Rolling Stones

read Hallie Cohen's interview on collaboration.

and see the invite for her show, Mi Ricordo: Roman Watercolors, opening on February 29

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