Thursday, February 1, 2024

Rome Journal: Rabbia Stradale

Fiat 500 L

Road rage in Rome is mellifluous. It's sucked into the waterfall of speech, the annoyance having no more power than a Latin declension. Romans are peripatetic and proprietary about streets that were once the Appia Antica or Villa Aurelia. Drivers and walkers are like male and female adapters. They complement each other and are part of an operatic performance that requires antiphony. If you're part of the chorus, you bark out your lines on cue when a Fiat holds up traffic parking despite its diminutive size. You might say that Roman Italian in which words pour out as if they were sprinting a 440, is the orchestra against which drivers and walkers sing their great recitatives.

Rome Journal: Mamma Roma by Francis Levy, HuffPost

Canio's interview about The Kafka Studies Department on East End Ink (WKPN)

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