Tuesday, January 2, 2024

The Kingdom of Death

Gulliver discovers Laputa (J.J. Grandville)

Is Death a kingdom? Well it terms of vastness you'll be dead far longer than the comparatively minuscule amount of time you're here on earth. Lilliput and Bromdingnag--Swift's Gullivarian geography come in handy. However,there are more things in heaven and earth than accounted for in your Psychogeography, Mr Sebald. The universe is composed of trillions of galaxies and galaxies like the Milky Way in turn comprise billions of stars, The Big Bang in which the most elementary building block of life was created, the boson, occurred 13.8 million years ago--which is nothing if you take into consideration the nothing or ether that preceded it. Thought a quality of homo sapien life is the villain. In order to justify their existence prehensile hominids need to create a narrative in the way that philosophers provide the ideology for revolutions, cogito ergo sum. Sum ergo cogito, "I am therefore I think" is actually the truer axiom. In the state of being humankind needs to think of itself as grander than the footnote it really is. Otherwise nothing makes sense--which is, for that matter, a universal truth.

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