Thursday, January 25, 2024

Rome Journal: Ladri di biciclette

You would need the Webb telescope which has found light emanating within a stones throw of the Big Bang (300,00-500,000 hundred million years after) to find a face who you have fallen in love with in the crowd. Remember the scene in Orfeo Negro (1959) when the besotted lover turns back to seek out his Eurydice, disappearing into the Hades of Rio's Carnivale? It's throwing dice to get an unsubstantiated feeling you'll find a former or would be lover perusing the stalls of the weekend market at Piazza Cosimato or Porta Portese. You'd have to assume that form of non-artificial intelligence called intuition and also sense they were consciously or subliminally sharing your thoughts. When? In Rome!

and listen to Turn Around" by Bonnie Tyler

and also listen to Joan Baum's NPR review of The Kafka Studies Department

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