Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Rome Journal: Caesar, Cesare, Cesar

30 Aprile (the date of peace treaty in 1848), 3 Gugno 1849 (one of the days in 1946 when Italians had to decide between monarchy and republic), 20 Settembre (commemorating the beach of the Aurelian walls by General Raffaele Cordoba in 1870)--the collective unconscious of Rome is celebratory and mnemonic. Italy's Risorgimento is documented on its highways and by ways. You wind around the steep curves of Garibaldi to drive in chima to Piazza San Pancrazio and the arch of  Garibaldi monument at the top of the Gianicolo. If you're one of those people who dosn't like being reminded of the past and doesn't want get in practice under the famed Santayana formulation, Rome is not for you. "Et tu, Brut?" Caesar was murdered in 44 BC right by the Piazza Argentina--itself an archeological site. Rome's layers of archeology were a metaphor for mind in Freud's "philosophy." And btw it's Caesar in Latin, Cesar in English and Cesare as in the great Roman writer Cesare Pavese.

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