Monday, January 15, 2024

Rome Journal: Step by Step

"Step By Step" was The Crests hit song of the '60s. "Step by step I fell in love with you" was the refrain." Of course the 12 Steps" have become a meme of struggle and survival. Despite this, few people are gifted with the ability or patience to take things one step at a time either literally or metaphorically. A marathoner or mount climber who doesn't hone to this spiritual principle will burn out and, in the later case, fall. If you think all the time about getting over the top, at the price of existential awareness, you miss "being there," to quote Heidegger. Ambulating around Rome is one way to build spiritual fortitude to the extent that you constantly have to navigate magisterial stairways to... .

read Hallie Cohen's interview on collaboration

and listen to "Step By Step" by The Crests

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