Wednesday, December 20, 2023

"Get Lost!"

“Get lost!” The fact is that no matter how hard you try, it’s becoming a tall order. The ore of the human being is data. Even when one is not on a Google feed, you're a statistic, recorded by systems that reap profiles. If the Large Hadron Collider can inch out bosons, how's a human being whose brain is composed of trillions of connections, to hide in plain sight? In fact, your identity, it turns out, is the easiest thing for thieves to filch. Not surprising since it's so big. In the past when there were land lines, one was home. Then, at least, the rest was up for grabs. It was similar to outer space before the advent of the James Webb Space telescope. Now on the most obvious level your cell phone or other device records your comings and goings when you're not being surveilled by those ubiquitous cameras that scan every movement any moving thing makes. And lo, if you're able to avoid those feelers, you’re still trapped in a demographic which goes so far as to predict every deviation from your norm.

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