Friday, December 15, 2023

Cisgender Bull

photo: kallerna

Nietzsche wrote Ecce Homo, Latin for "here is the man." In The Gay Science, he goes on to say "God is Dead...Must we ourselves not become gods simply to appear worthy of it?"" Those who don't know anything will point out that Nietzsche was a madman who died of syphilis. He was also incorrectly deemed an antisemite. He was in love with Franz Lizst's daughter Cosima who was living with Wagner--whose Ring des Nibelungen was indeed a paen to a pure breaded warrior race. Nietzsche also fell for Lou Andreas-Salome, one of whose many lovers was Rainer Maria Rilke. Poor Nietzsche always got the short end of the stick. God is, of course, the well known emordnilap, dog. Most intelligent people come to the conclusion they are not god and, unless they're paranoid schizophrenics, are not privy to any communications from on high or anywhere else. So is it a dog's life or is the condition of mankind similar to that old joke about reincarnation?  One guy says to the other. "I've been reincarnated." "Wow! As what?" "Well I get up, shit, eat and fuck. Then I go to sleep, wake up, shit, eat and fuck again.""So what are you?" Says the friend who can barely conceal "their" envy. "I'm a bull in Minnesota." Bulls in Minnesota don't have to worry about being cisgender or non-binary and no bull anywhere has ever been a "they."

watch the animation of Erotomania which will be screened today at the Nihilist Film Festival in Santa Monica

and listen to "Car Wash" by Rose Royce

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