Thursday, December 7, 2023


"Moses Breaking the Tablets of the Law" by Rembrandt

Context is definition. You can see this most clearly in the case of illness. Glutens are one example. If you're, allergic you stay away from wheat. For diabetics it’s sugar. Nuts can cause a severe anaphylactic reaction whose only antidote is an epipen. The way alcoholics manifest their allegy is to drink too much. “The first drink gets you drunk” is a commonly used expression. Disinhibition opens the avenue of the so-called "built-in forgetter" which lets an alcoholic momentarily and sometimes conveniently decontextualize him or herself.  Context is also social. "You can tell a person by their friends" is the expression. Subliminal factors naturally play a huge role. You hang with a specific group because of the personality you have been born with. Both nature and nurture create inclinations. Profiling is a word that has ugly connotations but humans are made of a complex web of circumstance that can sometimes be summed up by the adage or the epitaph on a tombstone. The epitome of contextualization is the graveyard. Every body in space eventually comes to rest and there they lie in the society of death.

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