Monday, May 8, 2023

Should You Think What You Say?

Mario Savio

Should you say what you think? Disinhibition is a little like the famous misquote about the reports of Mark Twain's death. It’s over-touted, to the extent that all roads lead to Access Hollywood. On the other hand how to reconcile this with the hard fought free speech cases around Lenny Bruce, Henry Miller and the Ur-instance of censorship of art, James Joyce’s Ulysses? Remember Mario Savio and the Berkeley Free Speech Movement? Defenders of the First Amendment correctly surmise that once you attack inalienable rights like free speech there's no turning back. Here's an issue on which conservative Federalists and lefty defenders of human imagination like Laura Kipnis can find common ground. On the other hand, Tucker Carlson may defend his right to say the election was "rigged and stolen" even when he knows it isn’t true just like someone with a drinking problem can claim their right to cocktail hour—until they kill someone while driving under the influence. 

read "Talk Dirty to Me" by Francis Levy, HuffPost

and listen to "Say It's All Right" by The Impressions

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