Thursday, July 7, 2022

Is the Left Wing Right?

Jacques Derrida

We are in the Second Civil War. The first was about slavery. You were either South North, for or against. The second Civil War is being fought over the perception of reality which is a harder battle for which there’s unlikely to be an Appomattox. What are the meaning of facts? And who’s lying? Ironically this is a battle that has been going on in the humanities for quite some time. Is the left wing right? Deconstruction, the mode of analysis that has dominated literature and history in academia for decades, argues that perception itself is culturally defined.Thus, deconstruction could be used to argue that when Democrats talk about facts they're merely expressing proclivities. Did Donald Trump learn about "The Big Lie" at the Ecole Normale, home of Derrida and other deconstructionists? Their "Big Lie," for them, is the existence of absolute truth. Would that the Second Civil War remained merely a contest between academics. Paul de Man a major deconstructionist figure turned out to be a Nazi sympathizer so analogies between the academic left and the political right might not be that far flung. Who would you rather be up against an Oath Keeper with an automatic weapon or an English scholar like Stanley Fish with a glossary?

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