Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Hail! Hail! Mr. Creosote!

Monty Python's Mr. Creosote

There used to be name-calling contests where people would hurl insults at each other and someone would be declared the winner. Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt engaged in an insult contest on BBC 1. The loser, in these kind of events, is usually the one who can't keep their composure and starts laughing. It's a little like the annual hot dog eating competition in Coney Island. Last year’s winner with 79 hot dogs and buns was Joey Chestnut. But let’s get down to brass tacks. Why not push the certifying of electors one day ahead and establish a congressional holiday on January 6 of each presidential inaugural year in which members of congress could face off against each other? How about Marjorie Taylor Greene v. AOC, Lauren Boebert v. Maxine Waters and Paul Gosar DDS v Minnesota’s Ilhan Omar. On the senate side why not start with Wisconsin’s Ron Johnson v. Bernie Sanders. In the Middle Ages locals jumped mounted Carti Vulgari on special occasions to ride around and curse. These may have been the inspiration for the threatening Trump caravans made up of Oath Keepers, who’d pull a gun on bystanders who didn’t get with the program. The general advice is not to stoop to the level of some goon whose mouth is filled with racist and sexist epithets. Hillary Clinton got into trouble for referring to “deplorables.” If she’d only have called them “adorables,” history might have taken a different course. But what's one to do when Lauren Boebert says “I'm tired of this separation of church and state junk?" Do you cuss her back and tell her she hasn’t read the constitution or just vomit in her face? Remember Monty Python’s Mr. Creosote?

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