Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Mr. Hands


If it’s been said, it’s been done and it’s been done it’s been said. Usually, the maxim proves true. However, Zoo (2007) the film that premiered at Sundance in 2007, might challenge the idea there’s nothing new under the sun. The film tells the story of Kenneth Pinyan who outdid Catharine the Great's famed amorous exploits, by being the recipient of anal sex with a horse. Pinyan’s philandering, which culminated with his death from peritonitis due to the perforations of his colon, became an urban myth. Was Pinyan, or “Mr. Hands,” a horse thief? Did he take advantage of an animal who couldn’t be held responsible for its actions? Generally the collective unconscious of the human race is a fecund breeding ground for perversion, but certain vices and exploits sneak under the wire. The fact that Pinyan was a family man and engineer at Boeing, who lived in a place called Gig Harbor, Washington, only makes the extremity of his experiment all the more enticing. Is it any different from HURT, the Hawaii Ultra Running Team. Human beings like to push the envelope. Pinyan set out to test the limit of his orifice.

Read "Pornosophy: Poop Dreams" by Francis Levy, HuffPost

and from the playlist Pigmeat Markham's "Here Comes the Judge"(1968)

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