Friday, October 8, 2021

Getting Your Piece of the Pie

photo: Evan-Amos

Everyone wants their fair share unless they’re stoics. It might be argued that a stoic is willing to accept less since they want more. But the average individual finds themselves in an anal struggle with reality. It may take a passive aggressive form in which they allow themselves to be manipulated in order to lure their perceived adversary into a checkmate. Whatever the posture, it barely hides the fact that most people are literally trying to cover their asses for fear of being taken from behind. How can one tell whether you're getting your piece of the pie? Once you put something on the table and people begin to devour it, the result is up for grabs. It’s not difficult to think you’re getting the short end of the stick. The only antidote to the naked assertion of victimhood is the realization of how deplorable it is. Greedy people constantly justify their behavior with the theory of eat or be eaten. Forget God looking over you. It’s not God’s job. If you don’t mind the register, it’s going to be robbed. How then to live, feeling there are always literal or metaphoric prowlers in the house?

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