Thursday, October 21, 2021

Bannon Shrugged

Errol Morris' American Dharma was Steve Bannon, light. Bannon is portrayed as an intellectual and film buff who employs Milton’s “better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven,” as his mantra. The film was criticized, in fact, for lily-coating the former Trump White House strategist, by underscoring the mad scientist with his unruly head of hair while playing down Bannon's media ubermensch aspirations. Is the Breitbart alumnus, Citizen Kane? If so, what's his “Rosebud,” “The Big Lie?” Or does, in fact, his persona derive from the hyper-individualism of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged and the history of fascist propagandists like Joseph Goebbels and Leni Riefenstahl. Rather than the Buddhist sounding title of Morris’ film shouldn’t the latest chapter of the Bannon story, with the refusal to comply with a congressional subpoena be titled Triumph of the Will or better yet Bannon Shrugged?

Read "Why Big German Words Like Vergangenbangenheit Carry Weight" by Francis Levy, HuffPost

and listen to Laurie Anderson, "O Superman"

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