Wednesday, August 4, 2021

What's a Verbal Fender Bender?

Have you ever engaged in a “verbal fender bender?” Road rage hits   when you least expect it. Afterwards like with a fender bender you might find yourself wishing you'd chosen another route, both physically and metaphysically. If you give the finger to someone who's honking and they pull up and stop short which is one of the ways of wreaking vehicular vengeance, you’re liable to end up in a real accident. It’s not a pleasant thought to realize you’re the one who’s going to pay the price (by going through the windshield) because you've lost it. A verbal fender bender is ultimately more explosive than one of those little collisions that accidentally occur when you back up, precisely because there are no parameters. While a real fender bender stops at the bumper, there are no limits when you start to have it out with someone and worlds of pain are called up. At about 60 miles per hour many people experience homicidal feelings the moment a car swerves out of the blind spot on the right to weave across the highway. Your inner lynch mob is likely to be excited. Torches light up as you hit the pedal in pursuit, possibly creating equally “bad feelings” among other motorists who have to get out of your way. Little did you realize when you awakened in the morning, what fate had in store for you later that day.

Read "All the Rage" by Francis Levy, HuffPost

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