Thursday, August 19, 2021

Not The Philadephia Story

CNN’s Clarissa Ward often reports from hotspots. You may have seen her knocking on the door of a KGB agent who purportedly poisoned Alexei Navalny. She also put herself in harm’s way when she was covering Syria for Sixty Minutes. Now the intrepid journalist’s byline is Kabul—and The Late Show With Stephen Colbert where she recently made a guest appearance—electronically of course. She’s a Yale graduate who lives in London with her two children, married to a fund manager who she met at a dinner party in Moscow. Talk about jet setting or puddle jumping. Ward who’s blond always seems to be dressed for the occasion. For her current assignment she performs her interviews in a Burka.  “When in Rome…” Another fetching blond CNN correspondent, Michele Kosinski got into trouble for claiming she was on the scene in a flood when she was actually paddling a canoe in a few inches of water, but the only controversy Ward has provoked occurred when she was accused of “parachute journalism” in Myanmar. After all, the difference between her and her subjects is that at the end of her tour of duty she gets to go home, which is the one thing that refugees in Afghanistan can't do. On camera ot not, one has to give her credit for contendiing with angry and frustrated crowds who often seem to be closing in on her threateningly as she attempts she attempts to conduct interviews on the streets of Kabul and particularly outside the airport.  CNN and CBS are nice credentials anywhere, but they're no protection against an angry mob as was evidenced by CBS's Lara Logan who was sexually assaulted in Cairo's Tahrir Square back in 2011. Obviously Ward's producers enjoy putting a delicate looking creature in such dangerous places. After all news is entertainment and Ward’s plainly beome the Amelia Earhart of journalism.

Read "The Seven Ages of One Man," by Francis Levy, The East Hampton Star


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