Friday, August 20, 2021

Dear Ethicist: The Etiquette of Leaving a Dying Planet

Biosphere 2, photograph: Dr. Starbuck, Flickr

Dear Ethicist: It’s obvious things have gone from bad to worse. The temperature hit 124 in Sicily and snails were cooked alive. Kabul just fell and coronavirus cases are surging despite the vaccine. It’s like the Middle Ages, the plague has brought about conspiracy theories like QAnon and ensuing witch hunts (of which January 6th was an extreme example). I have developed a biosphere, a world of my own, which is self-sustaining. It will enable future generations of my blood lines to reach Kepler stars and their carbon-based planets, which are conducive to life. The only problem is, how can I go off and leave everyone else on earth to clean up the mess? Should I feel guilty for fleeing the coop to seek a better life, when there are so many suffering people left behind? They really have perfected these biospheres. You have everything including Netflix.There are just enough people around to get into a little mischief, but not enough to facilitate a war. And talk about air pollution.That’s just the point. There isn’t any because there are no factories or cars. Most biospheres are just like Fire Island where everyone travels around on bikes and your friendly mailman knows you by your first name. I’m tired of having to worry about Trump and his base and whether I’m going to drown in Germany or die of thirst in California. 


Noah A.



Dear Noah, You may want to ask yourself whether your're really  going to hurt anyone else by freeing yourself from a dying planet. Throughout the ages, there have always been those who have the foresight to get out of Dodge before the volcano or tsunami and those who are stupid enough to stay behind. If you have an easy way to travel to other planets, it’s a no brainer. Just take advantage of your good fortune.



Dear Ethicist: I get your drift.  


Noah A.

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