Thursday, June 3, 2021



You could amend “there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy,” simply to “there are more things.” Essentially the condition of the puny creature called man is chronic cluelessness. In the sixteenth century both Copernicus and Galileo questioned the anthropocentric notion that the earth was the center of the universe. It’s no wonder that the scientific discoveries were looked at as heresies by the powers that be to the extent they opened a Pandora’s Box of questioning and uncertainty— ultimately challenging the narcissistic notion that the invisible world was in the ken of human kind. Science moved from Democritus and Lucretius’ De Rorem Natura to Newton, Relativity and Quantum Theory each new paradigm conferring obsolescence on its predecessor. The boson is now looked at as the ultimate particle of matter produced at the Big Bang. Spotting the little scratches that are the residue of the Large Hadron Collider has verified its existence to many scientists, but who's to say where the bucks stops when it comes to creation, time and matter? If the event that occurred approximately 13.8 billion years ago began a process leading to carbon based planets like earth and those orbiting the Kepler stars, 1200 light years away, what “existed” before it and what does “existence” mean, taking into consideration an expanding universe that’s the product of dark energy? Eschatology refers to final end of things, a concept which is, by definition, inconceivable. God if you remember is dog backwards.

Read "The God Palindrome" by Francis Levy, The Screaming Pope

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