Tuesday, June 8, 2021

1600 Yangon Avenue

La La Land?
Sources close to Trump are reporting that he plans to be reinstated in August. Apparently, there are members of the QAnon crowd who actually think he's still president. You’ll remember that in response to the question of why Americas can’t follow the generals Myanmar, Lieutenant General Michael Flynn again alluded to idea of a military coup. In France, August is famously “Les Vacances” when everybody deserts the cities for La Plage. It’s also full speed ahead for the Tokyo Olympics in August, despite the upsurge of coronavirus cases in that country and the fact that only 4% of the country was vaccinated as of May 21st. Even if Trump returns to The White House by August, it’s unlikely he’d even watch the Olympics in place of his normal diet of junk food and golf. It all sounds unjust and irrational, but actually all of the events that are unfolding makes complete sense when you traffic in alternate universes and the doctrine of the eternal return—you remember the idea that a monkey could type out Shakespeare’s canon, if given infinite time. Under the aspect of eternity sure Trump may be in The White House in August depending what dimension you’re visiting. As for the irrational universe where international sporting events attempt to beat the odds, it’s definitely an example of what neuroscientists term limbic or lower brain activity.

Read "The Wormhole Society" by Francis Levy, The East Hampton Star

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