Thursday, June 24, 2021

Annals of the Paranormal: Chock Full 'o Nuts

photo: Green4life80

Consider the paranormal phenomenon of ordering in from a restaurant that's closed its doors forever. You may have a box full of  stained take-out menus, which bring back fond memories of mythological culinary figures like General Tso. It’s sad to see the years of interchanges go down the tubes. If you can bend a spoon or witness lights flashing during a séance, then why not bring back the famed Number #1 (chow mein, fried rice and egg roll) from the precincts where it no longer exists.
 If it sounds like a tall order, consider the fact that Houdini freed himself from an underwater box or that the Flying Wallendas have regularly defied gravity. There's a growing belief amongst those who dabble in the occult that spirits of past restaurants reside in an ether. Of course, there are naysayers resigned to the fact that when a restaurant's gone you'll no longer be able to order off the menu. It’s usually the same crowd that doesn’t believe that dog spelled backwards is God. Are you nuts (or Chock Full 'o them, if you believe in the impossible?

Read "Diasporic Dining: Combination Plate" by Francis Levy, HuffPost

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