Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Trump and Deconstruction

drawing of Derrida by Arturo Espinosa Seguir

The central issue of the Civil War was slavery, but what drives the current divide? Could it be the perpetuation of a fancied old order, not slavery exactly, but a hegemonic white male deregulated universe. What does Trump model in his behavior other than the notion that you can say and do what you want and that there are no absolutes, no morality, no sense of right and wrong. It’s pure untempered male libido on the march. Ironically Trump has something in common with deconstruction to the extent that he’s also  relativist. Who’s to say  QAnon is bad? After all he hears they don’t like pedophiles. The concept of “fake news” itself is a watered down form of so-called “new history” in which assumptions about happenstance are all dependent on the context of a subjective observer. If there's no truth, if mask wearing could help or not, if the virus could be spreading or not, if America is thriving (when many people are experiencing huge suffering and poverty) or not, then how can you make definitive statements? You might as well do what you feel. Don’t worry about coronavirus says the President, using himself as the example. With the finest medical care on earth, he’s back on the campaign trail, promising a dose of Regeneron in every pot.

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