Friday, October 9, 2020

The Fly in the Ointment

You may have noticed the fly in Mike Pence’s hair during the debate. At first you might have thought it was a piece of dirt on your screen, but when you got up to clean it off, you quickly realized it was an insect, in fact a rather insistent one that apparently got into the Vice President’s hair and possibly his craw. However, have you ever seen a fly that stayed in one place, particularly on a nationally televised broadcast. It was either a stoic fly or perhaps it was just a bug ie a Russian hacker (modeled after Kafka's Gregor Samsa) who was outed. It’s interesting that the moderator, Susan Page of USA Today who did an otherwise competent job didn’t try to get the Committee on Presidential Debates staff to bring in an exterminator. What’s even more interesting was that even though Kamala Harris has a larger head of hair there was no wildlife taking advantage of her plumage. What was actually going on will probably never be ascertained. “Out, damned spot!” cries Lady McBeth, but interestingly the Vice President didn’t appear to know what was happening and before the Secret Service could get to it, the dark presence was gone

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