Tuesday, October 20, 2020

The Final Solution: The Red Zone

Will the US become like Germany after the war? Will the country be partitioned into Red and Blue zones? It’s apparent that there will be no peaceful transition. Even if the movers come and Trump leaves The White House, you’re going to have a reluctant leader in exile, carrying on the duties for his base and a growing subculture of QAnon followers.Trump's wall with Mexico will be expanded. It'll become like the famed Berlin Wall, which effectively divided a country. Trump's media empire will make Breitbart under Steve Bannon look sick. Imagine whole networks of television and radio funded by the Koch Brothers with Sinclair Broadcasting and Fox piping out varying kinds of right wing propaganda.Trump Inc. will become the ultimate reality TV show, something so all encompassing that it actually becomes like the Holographic level of Star Trek. It will be a Second Coming of sorts, Trump will descend as a new savior. He won’t need to rush to appoint Supreme Court justices since his words will be worshipped as the rule of law in those lands under his control. The coronavirus is known to have an impact on the brain, but whatever the cause, the President’s bout with the malady has obviously exacerbated all the traits which had been evident all along—amongst them a linguistic perseveration in his attack on scientific evidence. For the first time in their histories both The New England Journal of Medicine and Scientific American featured editorials alternately condemning Trump and endorsing Biden. When you read in Genesis that God created the world in 6 days and rested on the 7th, you generally treat it as metaphor and poetry, though there are obviously fundamentalists who read the bible as literally as the originalists do the constitution. No one in the Red Zone is going to take the former president’s words with a grain of salt.

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